Acer USB Slim Multimedia Keyboard (TPE-ACSLMKEYBD)

Acer USB Slim Multimedia Keyboard (TPE-ACSLMKEYBD)
Need a inexpensive quality keyboard? The Acer USB Slim Multimedia Keyboard is a highly sought after keyboard for Chromeboxes, but works great on a traditional GNU/Linux distributions too! With some additional programming all the major keys can be utilized.

  • Genuinely Penguin friendly with all critical keys supported (multimedia keys via script)

  • Search key: great for quick access to your menu (no Microsoft key here)

  • Multimedia keys can be utilized as function keys or special function / multimedia keys

  • No dependencies on NDISWrapper, binary blobs, or proprietary drivers-firmware

  • Numpad & arrow keys: Yes (no numlock, scroll lock, or insert keys)

Watch a video demonstration of the keyboard in action!

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Check out the product page for details, pictures, and additional information about the mice.

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