~350W Flex ATX Form Factor Power Supply

~350W Flex ATX Form Factor Power Supply
Did a storm kill your power supply? Pick up one of our high quality and reliable power supplies. While we don't always stock the same power supplies we do always stock models that work great for the majority of users and have a low-risk of failing for no good reason. While we can't give you detailed specs here be assured you'll be able to hook up multiple hard drives, optical drives, and power most motherboards without a problem. If you have a high end graphics card however this may not be an appropriate power supply for you. If you have any questions or want to know more reach out to our support team for details.

We stock high quality ~350W Flex ATX power supplies that offer a good price for performance ratio and have a proven track record of reliability. From one generation to the next-it's not always the same manufacturers offering the best product- and sometimes even within a generation the model number or manufacturing run matter.

  • Get a power supply that is of good quality & highly reliable

  • Small form Factor PSU (such as high end custom Network Area Storage devices and mini servers etc)

  • Supports standard Flex ATX form factor systems

  • Compatibility assured: If it doesn't work send it back within 14 days for a refund!

  • We only stock parts that incorporate quality components and have proven to be reliable

  • If you need assistance determining what power supply you may need contact support

It’s important to hire a competent professional whenever repairing or upgrading a computer. If a job is not done correctly there is often a risk of damaging the system. If you have a need for a competent professional consider sending us your system.