Activating an AT&T SIM card for use with the USB 4G LTE-Advanced Modem v2 for GNU/Linux

This documentation is applicable to the ThinkPenguin USB 4G LTE-Advanced Modem Model # TPE-USB4GLTE2 and outlines the procedure for activating an AT&T SIM card under GNU/Linux.

1. If you haven't purchased an AT&T SIM card do that first. These are readily available from most big box retail stores as well as many convenience stores.

2. Identify the IMEI # of your USB 4G LTE-Advanced Modem, make a note of it as it'll be needed to activate the SIM card.

3. Open your AT&T SIM card packaging and identify the SIM # or ICCID, make a note of it as you'll also need this to activate the SIM card.

4. Punch out the nano AT&T SIM card and insert it into the SIM card slot on the adapter like so:

5. Plug the adapter into a USB-A (traditional USB port unless using an A-to-C adapter) port on the computer.

6. Follow the procedures in AT&T's online activation wizard to activate the SIM card

7. For online account management of AT&T prepaid services see: