Changing Servers/Countries In Wireguard With PenguinVPN 2.0

If you want to change the country it is possible by making a slight change to your normal configuration.

Desktop GNU/Linux Distributions

If you are connecting directly to PenguinVPN 2.0 servers using Wireguard using a desktop distribution open up your network applet (usually in the lower or upper right hand corner of the screen). On Linux Mint 21 for instance it's in the lower right, left click the network icon, select Network Connections. Scroll down and click the VPN connection you've already created and click cogwheel icon to edit the selection. Under the VPN tab you'll see something that says gateway. You just need to replace or with one of the below addresses:

Routers with libreCMC

If you are using a router/libreCMC open a browser and go to or, login to your router (default password is the word 'none' without the quotes), and go to Network > Interface > Wireguard and click the Edit button to the right. Then in the Endpoint Host box change or to one of the addresses listed below. Then go to System > Reboot and click Perform reboot button.

LineageOS / GrapheneOS / Replicant / Android Phones

If you are using LineageOS / Android / GrapheneOS / etc open up Settings > Network & internet > Advanced > VPN > WireGuard and click on the WireGuard configuration for PenguinVPN. Then Click the pencil to edit the configuration. Where it says Endpoint change or to one of the addresses below (make sure to include :1637 after replacing the or

United States:
United States:
United States:
United Kingdom:
New Zealand: