Configuring the HP Officejet e-All-in-One Printer (TPE-HPOFJE4630) on Ubuntu 12.04

While this printer does not have out of the box support for Ubuntu 12.04 it is supported via precise backports. What this means is that drivers will need to be installed from the Ubuntu Software Center. This is a much easier process than manually installing a set of drivers as the process can be done through the official Ubuntu Software Center and without having to revert to the terminal-or otherwise follow a more cumbersome and complicated set of directions.

Enable precise-backports and Apply All Security Updates

1. Click the gear in the top right corner and select Updates Available or Software Up to Date (which one you'll see depends on if there are updates available, click on the one or the other)
2. Click on Settings...
3. Click on the Updates tab
4. Check the box that says "Unsupported updates (precise-backports"
5. Click the Close button
6. Click the Check button
7. Click the Install Updates button and install any updates
8. Reboot the computer
9. Click on the shopping bag to open the Ubuntu Software Center
10. In the upper right corner search for HP (type in HP and hit enter)
11. Click on HPLIP Toolbox once the search results appear
12. Click on the More Info button under HPLIP Toolbox
13. To the left of the Install button (in the upper right corner) click the down arrow for the drop down box and select v3.13.9(precise-backports)
14. Click the Install button to install the HPLIP Toolbox software
15. Enter your login password and hit the Authenticate button to grant the computer permission to install the HPLIP Toolbox software
16. You'll now see arrows going in a circle and a button that says progress (toward the top of the window on the right). Wait for it to dissapear to continue.
17. Close the Ubuntu Software Center by clicking on the X in the top left corner

Setup the Printer

1. Remove all tape
2. Install the print cartridges
3. Insert paper
4. Connect the power cable
5. Turn the printer on using the power button on the left corner of the machine
6. Follow the wizard using the printers built-in-screen to setup the printer

At this point you can either connect a USB cable, and the printer will be automatically added by Ubuntu, or if you've configured the printer to use a wireless network complete the setup using the Add Printer wizard in Ubuntu 12.04 (click the gear icon in the top right corner and select Printers, then click the Add button and follow the on-screen wizard to finish adding the printer).