Connecting directly to PenguinVPN 2.0 in Linux Mint 20.x & 21.x

Confused about something or prefer a visual guide? Watch the PenguinVPN 2.0 setup tutorial for Linux Mint 21 .

1. If you don't yet have a subscription to PenguinVPN 2.0 service you'll need to get a subscription and select the OpenVPN protocol
2. Once purchased you'll receive an email with a compressed file that you'll need to download called PenguinVPN-2-OpenVPN-Keys.tar.gz (this contains your subscription keys/credentials to login to the VPN service)
3. Download the PenguinVPN 2.0 configuration files from
4. Extract PenguinVPN-2-OpenVPN-TPE-R1200-R1300-Router-Configuration.tar.gz (creating a PenguinVPN folder in your home directory is probably the way to go so you can easily find these files)
5. Extract the files in the PenguinVPN-2-OpenVPN-Keys.tar.gz file to the new etc/openvpn folder that was created in the previous step
6. Double check etc/openvpn contains penguin-new-tcp.ovpn, ca.crt, ta.key, user.crt, and user.key files
7. In the lower right hand corner click on the network applet icon and select Network Connections
8. Click the + button
9. From the drop down scroll down to the bottom and select Import a saved VPN configuration...
10. Click the Create... button
11. Locate the etc/openvpn/penguin-new-tcp.ovpn file and click the Open button
12. In the Connection name box replace penguin-new-tcp with PenguinVPN
13. Click the Save button
14. From the network applet in the lower right hand corner select PenguinVPN under where it says VPN Connections to connect