Connecting directly to PenguinVPN in Parabola GNU/Linux-libre using the GNOME Desktop Environment

These directions apply to GNOME 3:

These directions have been tested and confirmed to work on an up-to-date Parabola GNU/Linux-libre install as of March 17th, 2018:

A video of this tutorial can be found at

Step 1: Open a terminal and install the following packages:

sudo pacman -S networkmanager openvpn networkmanager-openvpn

Step 2: Download the OpenVPN configuration files for Parabola:


Step 3: Extract the configuration files

tar xf penguinvpn-parabola-desktop-configuration-files.tar.gz

Step 4: Logout and log back in

Step 5: Configure the VPN from the network applet:

Part 5a: Go to the network applet in the top right corner and click on it

Part 5B: Click VPN off, then click VPN Settings, then click the + icon next to VPN

Step 6: Click Import a saved VPN configuration...

Step 7: Locate the penguin-parabola-tcp.ovpn file in the extracted penguin-parabola-desktop-configuration-files, select it, and click open

Step 8: Under the Identity tab enter your PenguinVPN user name and password and click add.. you may need to enter a password to unlock your keyring

Step 9: To connect to the VPN click on the network applet from the top right corner and select VPN Off > Connect

Note: Before you can connect to the VPN you need to make sure you are connected to the internet

Step 10: Confirm that you are connected to the VPN by opening GNU Icecat or another browser and surf on over to

You should now see an IP address that isn't yours and most likely located in another city/state/country.