Connecting to a Microsoft VPN server with the PPTP network protocol

These instructions explain how to set up a VPN connection in Ubuntu to a Microsoft VPN remote access server. Virtual Private Networking (VPN) can be used to access network-specific resources from any Internet connected computer.

Prerequisite: A recent version of Ubuntu such as 8.10 or 9.04. 8.04 will not work as described here.

To make a VPN connection using Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install the MS Windows pptp VPN Connection Manager
  2. Restart the computer
  3. In the top right hand corner left click on the network connection manager applet and select VPN Connections -> Configure VPN
  4. Under the VPN tab click Add
  5. Select Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol(PPTP)
  6. Click Create
  7. Under Gateway enter the Host Name or IP address of the server you wish to connect
  8. Click Advanced
  9. Under Allow the following authentication methods: select all available including PAP, CHAP, MSCHAP, MSCHAPv2, and EAP.
  10. Also check the following boxes: Allow BSD data compression, Allow Deflate data compression, Use TCP header compression
  11. Click OK
  12. Click Apply
  13. Click Close
  14. In the top right hand corner left click on the network manager icon and select VPN
  15. Connections -> and the name of connection you just setup.
  16. Enter a username and password as needed to connect