Connecting to PenguinVPN on Deepin

If you have any problems check out this video demonstration to learn how to setup and connect to PenguinVPN on Deepin 15.11.

Step 1: Click on the settings icon

Step 2: Go to Network > VPN > Create VPN

Step 3: Select OpenVPN

Step 4: Download and extract the tar'd configuration files

Step 5: Enter the following info under the appropriate fields:

Name: PenguinVPN
Auth Type: Password
Username: [ Your PenguinVPN user name goes here ]
Password: [ Your PenguinVPN password goes here ]
CA Cert: Select the ca.crt file from the previously extracted tar.gz file
Customize Gatway Port: Enable it
Gateway Port: 80
Use LZO Data Compression: Enable it
Use TCP Connection: Enable it
Cipher: AES-256-CBC
HMAC Auth: SHA-1
Key File: Select the Wdc.key file from the previously extracted tar.gz file
Customize Key Direction: Enable it
Key Direction: Set to 1

Step 6: Click save

You can now verify that you are connecting through the PenguinVPN service by opening a browser and going to

If it doesn't display your IP address and shows some other city/state/county far away then you've successfully connected to the PenguinVPN service.

To connect and disconnect go to Control Center > Network > VPN and click VPN Status to connect/disconnect.