Connecting To A Wireless Only HP Printer In GNU/Linux

1. Go to your network applet and select HP-Setup>9C-Desktjet 3700 Series or whichever the model is or series thereof for your HP wireless printer

2. Open up firefox or another web browser and enter http://_gateway and when prompted add a security exception to continue if needed

3. Go to the Network tab > Wireless (802.11) > Wireless Setup Wizard

You may get a warning about your printer settings not being private, if so, click the OK button to continue, and then Advanced > Accept the Risk and Continue button (firefox, other browsers may be different)

4. Proceed through the wizard to connect the printer to your wireless network

a. Select your wireless network from the list and click the Next button

b. Enter your wireless password for the network and click the Next button

You will see a screen indicating the the wireless setup wizard is complete

5. Go back to your network applet and connect to the wireless network you've set your printer to connect to

At this point you may be done. Your system may find the printer automatically or it may need some coxing, if it does continue below...

6. Open up your settings and/or search for printers and open up printers

7. Under printers you will need to click the Add button and once the network printer is found select it, then click Add, or otherwise continue through the wizard to complete the setup