Free The Crypto 6 Fundraiser T-Shirt: Bitcoin Is NOT A Crime

Free The Crypto 6 Fundraiser T-Shirt: Bitcoin Is NOT A Crime

In the early morning of Tuesday, Mar. 16, 2021, federal and local agents kicked the doors in at the Free Talk Live studio, the Bitcoin Embassy in Keene, NH, and the Shire Free Church, and 16 other properties arresting 6 individuals and confiscating several Bitcoin vending machines, computers and other personal items.

Back in 2016 a FBI agent lied to a judge in order to get a warrant to raid the studio over what would turn out to be non-existent child pornography. It turned out this was a retaliatory attack on Free Talk Live that resulted from a co-host of the show criticizing the FBI's handling of a dark web child pornography case called Playpen. The FBI had added servers and capacity and incentives pedophiles to access and download child pornography. The reason that child pornography is illegal is that it hurts children. This is what the FBI says routinely. The criticism is in that if this statement is true then the FBI was hurting children by distributing child pornography by their own admission. Free Talk Live was the only major non-tech outlet to report on this story.

The FBI didn't like this and in an attempt to slander the name of a leading activist in New Hampshire (Ian Freeman and a partner in the Free Talk Live show enterprise) raided the FTL studio over non-existent child pornography claiming someone at the address accessed the Playpen site. Even when a person is not convicted of a crime they do not get back the property containing that illegal possession. One would be arrestable for the possession of child porn once again if that were not the case. Just because a person isn't convicted of possessing weed does not mean that the person can get back the weed that was stolen from them. It's still illegal to possess after all. Why everyone can be reasonably sure there never was any child porn is that the FBI was sued and forced to return computers stolen in the raid.

The FBI immediately started looking for something else to go after Ian Freeman for. Him and particularly others critical in the operations of Free Talk Live. What is now apparent is they decided to go after Ian Freeman and those surrounding him for using and selling cryptocurrency. While this case is about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency it goes far beyond that. It's fundamentally a political attack and simultaneously an attempt to criminalize cryptocurrency users.
Unlike your typical FBI arrest over the sale of Bitcoin all those involved were political activists and ready for the day when the FBI came a knocking. These hardened activists have spent time in jail and years fighting victimless crime cases brought against themself and other members in our communities including other participants in the Free State Project and larger freedom migration movement (see and Shire Society).

These individuals now need our help in raising funds for 5 out of the 6 defendants (Ian Freeman was able to retain his own legal council). This case is one of the most important cases in the history of Bitcoin explicitly because the defendants will not settle. This case will determine whether or not Bitcoin is a currency or an asset. Help us raise funds for the recovery and legal defense of those involved. You can purchase a T-shirt to show your support, but you can also contribute financially to the campaign by selecting to include an additional financial donation with the purchase.

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Video of the raid has been published on: IPFS

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