Gentoo USB Flash Drive Installation Media (TPE-GENFLSDV)

Gentoo USB Flash Drive Installation Media (TPE-GENFLSDV)
Gentoo was founded in 1999 and is best known of being the older and leading source-based distributions. It's geared at folks who want to eek out a bit of additional speed from their system through optimization and compiling of the system from source code. While not a distribution for the faint of heart it's a very popular distribution among the most technical of users who value getting the max out of their computer.
  • The Gentoo community has a tendency to build optimized code to gain efficiency over binary-based distributions.

  • Some may find this undesirable, but not everything has to be built from source any more as select packages are available in binary form.

  • Compiling from source may not be hard, but it does take more time to install a program when it's got to be built from source.

  • Gentoo is more customizable and allows users to configure which software features they wish to install, instead of the "one size fits all".

  • Gentoo is a rolling release based distribution favoring incremental updates rather than six month release cycles like many distros.
Please note: Gentoo is geared toward advanced users and support is not included with this product offering. You are picking up a USB flash drive with Gentoo only.