GNU Guix System USB Flash Drive Installation Media (TPE-GUIXFLSDV)

GNU Guix System USB Flash Drive Installation Media (TPE-GUIXFLSDV)
Guix System is an advanced distribution of the GNU operating system. It uses the Linux-libre kernel, and support for the Hurd is being worked on. As a GNU distribution, it is committed to respecting and enhancing the freedom of its users. As such, it adheres to the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines.

Some of the advantages of the GNU Guix System include:
  • State-of-the-art package management features such as transactional upgrades and roll-backs, reproducible build environments, unprivileged package management, and per-user profiles

  • Supports stateless, reproducible operating system configurations

  • Developed by volunteers around the world under the umbrella of the GNU Project
* Please note that installation support is not included and that the nature of this operating system at this time means that there is severely limited hardware support. This is particularly true if you are looking at trying out the GNU Guix System on random hardware. We do not currently list the GNU Guix System as supported on any hardware in our catalog, but much of it is exactly the hardware you will need if you plan to or want to attempt to utilize the GNU Guix System. If you have any questions about acquiring compatible hardware contact our support team.

GNU Guix focuses on respecting the user’s computing freedom. It builds around the kernel Linux-libre, which means that only hardware for which free software drivers and firmware exist is supported. Nowadays, a wide range of off-the-shelf hardware is supported on GNU/Linux-libre—from keyboards to graphics cards to scanners and Ethernet controllers. Unfortunately, there are still areas where hardware vendors deny users control over their own computing, and such hardware is not supported on Guix System.