GNU (slash) Linux "Token" (TPE-LINUXCENSORED)

GNU (slash) Linux "Token" (TPE-LINUXCENSORED)

Does using the government's dirty fiat embarrass you? Do you need a freedom friendly solution to your transactional woes? If you are afraid the world is going to end and all that cryptocurrency you've been saving up will eventually disappear then we've got a solution for you! Diversify your assets by picking up some GNU (slash) Linux coins tokens!

There are some great side benefits to picking up GNU (slash) Linux Coin Token. No longer will people look at you funny for talking about societal collapse or the fraud that is government. Instead you'll get to have an embarrassing conversation about how GNU (slash) Linux is the correct terminology (don't mind that they still won't know what you're talking about). With one of our GNU (slash) Linux Coins tokens you'll be better prepared to evangelize GNU (slash) Linux and advocate for everybody to utilize free software.

Don't just use free software! Make it your mission in life to get people saying GNU (slash) Linux! Cause only then will people know that Linux is more than just gratis. GNU/Linux is libre too!

* Accepted by true believers everywhere!

Get your silver plated novelty token and start talking GNU (slash) Linux today.. or some time in the future when the postal service decides to actually start delivering again and stops wasting its time taking part in FBI raids of our communities churches, homes, and businesses over BS cryptocurrency charges (crypto is just the excuse, freedom and politics is the fundamental underlying reason for these unconscionable raids on peaceful people). You may think I'm kidding, but no, this part isn't a joke. I'm not. Watch the March 16, 2021 FBI raid (2nd BS FBI raid in 5 years) of which was one part in an attack targeting 19 properties and six individuals advocating freedom and peaceful resistance (Free State Project & related freedom migration movements, ie even against a violent state: The Crypto 6.

Each coin token is a 33.7mm silver-plated bronze (or possibly copper) and shows the GNU head on one side with RMS where a trademark would normally go along with the phrase "Free as in Freedom". The reverse side shows Tux the penguin and the phrase "In Tux we trust".

* Note (cause government agents are too stupid to recognize what this is): This GNU (slash) Linux Coin token is not an actual currency, not intended to be advertised as such, and is recognized by techies everywhere as a joke.

* Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.

* GNU is a registered trademark of the Free Software Foundation.

* A quantity of 1 is one coin token

* The censored wording here is the result of convictions of others by the US government who claim exclusive use of the word coin to mean US currency even though the word in practical usage expands far beyond US currency to include foreign currencies and novelty tokens.

Please note this item is not available for shipping to those outside the United States due to customs restrictions in most countries.