How to do a full reset & upgrade: Free Software Wireless-N Mini VPN Router (TPE-R1100 & TPE-R1200)

Before you attempt to reset make sure you've determined what the user name and password are for connecting to your VPN service. You can find out the VPN user name if you go to ( for those without VPN service) and login (note: you need to be directly connected to the VPN router device). Default password is either the word 'none' or in some cases there may be no password and you can just hit login.

To recover user name and password for VPN service:

Go to System > Backup / Flash Firmware

Click the Generate archive button... a download will start... open the archive tar.gz file and go to etc > openvpn and double click the key.txt file. In here the first line is the user name and the 2nd line is the password. Write this down for later.

If you have screwed up configuration you can reset to factory defaults by doing the following:

Go to System > Backup / Flash Firmware and click the Perform Reset button.

Directions to upgrade to the latest release of LibreCMC are here (applicable to TPE-R1200):

Directions to upgrade to the latest release of LibreCMC are here (applicable to TPE-R1100 ONLY):

Upon upgrading you will need to upload a default configuration with your VPN user name and password if you have our PenguinVPN service:

The default configuration (what is in the tar.gz file) needs to be uploaded to the router. Before you can upload it you will need to open it and add a VPN user name and password to the key.txt file in the etc/openvpn directory. Download the default configuration here.

Go to etc/openvpn/key.txt file and put the user name for the VPN on the first line and the password for the VPN on the 2nd line. Save it. If you downloaded the tar.gz file to a folder and opened it by double clicking you can simply hit save. The archive manager will say something has changed and would you like to update the archive. You want to say yes!

Then upload the tar.gz file: Go to System > Backup / Flash Firmware. Click Upload Archive and select the tar.gz file.

Now you should have a totally reset router which will be identical to the original router configuration we ship. The only difference will be it'll have the latest release of the router software.