How to Setup an Ad-hoc Network

How to Setup an Ad-hoc Network

Tested on Ubuntu 12.04 & Ubuntu 12.10

1. Right click on network applet in the top right corner
2. Open Edit Connections
3. Click on Wireless tab
4. Click on Add button
5. Enter SSID “adhoc_test”
6. Change mode from infrastructure to Ad-hoc
7. Click on IPv4 Settings tab
8. Change the Method from Automatic (DHCP) to Manual
9. Click Add button
10. Enter and hit tab
11. Enter and hit tab
12. Enter
13. Click the Save button
14. Hit the Close button
15. Go to the network applet and click Connect to hidden wireless network
16. Select the Wireless adapter: 1b75 9170 from the drop down list
17. From Connection select Wireless connection 1
18. Click Connect button

Repeat steps for each network- adjust IP as needed to be different for each machine

To test this is working:

1. Open a terminal
2. type ping 192.168.1.xx where xx is another machine that is in the ad-hoc network
3. Wait 30 seconds and hold ctrl key down and while doing so press C key
4. You may see dropped packets- it should be less than 100% packet loss in any event, anything less than 100% packet loss indicates a successful connection has been mad to the other machine(s) in the ad-hoc network