Installing packages on LibreCMC tutorial

1. Connect an ethernet cable from the computer to the LAN port on the mini VPN wireless router.
2. Open a terminal and run:

ssh root@

Note: If you did no purchase VPN service utilize root@ instead.

Accept the self signed certificate if/when prompted and enter 'none' as the password

3. Edit the /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf file and uncomment all lines (that is remove the # sign from each line)

vi /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf

Notes: Use your arrow keys to move to the line you want to edit and then hit the 'a' key to edit the line. Use the escape key to bring up the command line and save the file. To save type ":wq!" without the quotes.

For detailed information on how to use vi see:

4. Run the update command to update the list of packages available to install and/or upgrade

opkg update

5. You can now install any packages available in the LibreCMC software repository. For example:

opkg install nano

To find a particular package use the search command:

opkg search nano