Mastering Ubuntu Server (TPE-UBUSER4)

Mastering Ubuntu Server (TPE-UBUSER4)
Explore the versatile, powerful Linux Server distribution Ubuntu 22.04 with this comprehensive guide. Mastering Ubuntu Server is a great fit for anyone jumping in to managing Ubuntu servers. It's also focused on a recent LTS release ensuring that whats in the book matches the real world usage.

Mastering Ubuntu Server is a book that will teach you everything you need to know in order to manage real Ubuntu-based servers in actual production deployments. This book will take you from initial installation to deploying production-ready solutions to empower your small office network, or even a full data center. You'll see examples of running Ubuntu Servers in the cloud, be walked through set up of popular applications (such as NextCloud), host your own websites, and deploy network resources such as DHCP, DNS, and others. You'll also see how to containerize applications via LXD to maximize efficiency and learn how to build Kubernetes clusters.

Here are some of the topics covered in Mastering Ubuntu Server:

  • Learn to install Ubuntu Server on physical servers including mini board computers

  • Deploy Ubuntu Server in the cloud and host websites on your own server

  • Deploy your applications to their own containers and scale your infrastructure

  • Set up popular applications such as NextCloud

  • Automate deployments and configuration with Ansible to save time

  • Containerize applications via LXD to maximize efficiency

  • Discover best practices and troubleshooting techniques

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