No Subscription /w Non-Functional Configuration Reset Howto

If you purchase a router with 'No Subscription /w Non-Functional Configuration (Reset Required)' option selected your router will probably be configured with a VPN configuration that enables users to connect to PenguinVPN. However since no VPN subscription is activated the router does 'not work'. To resolve this follow the instructions below:

To reset the router to a default non-VPN configuration and have the router work normally you will need to login to the router at using the default user name and password. For this router (as it was configured to be used with PenguinVPN service) you can login as user root with password 'none'. Note: none does not mean you enter no password. It literally means type in the word 'none' without the quotes around it. Once you have logged in go to System > Backup / Flash Firmware and click the 'Perform reset' button. After 30 seconds or so power off the router by unpluging the power on the router and plugging it back in. After a minute or two the router will be booted normally and you can access it via using the documentation included with the router. ie follow the directions on page 1 of the intro packet found here :

------ another optional way to perform a reset without logging into the router (may be more tricky to perform this way) -------

Another way to reset the TPE-R1100 Mini VPN Wireless Router: Connect power to Mini VPN Router, wait for lights to blink, then hold reset button down for 10 seconds. This should reset the device and no password / VPN configuration will exist on reboot.

The address that the router should be after reset is and not