Penguin 802.11G USB Wireless Network Adapter Support

Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.10 & CentOS 5.10 Connection Instructions

While the adapter works out of the box the network manager is not enabled or started by default within the distribution. Following the instructions included in the CentOS documentation to enable the network manager applet will fix the 'not working' problem:

Enabling the Network Manager

* You may need to run (as root; so type su in terminal and the password) /sbin/ifconfig -a to identify your wifi card and then /sbin/ifconfig wlanX up (replace wlanX with the wifi card shown by /sbin/ifconfig -a)

Debian Installation Instructions

Drivers are already present in mainline Linux kernel and Debian's kernel. The wireless tools required to configure wireless devices may or may not be present in some installations. For those derivatives or variations here are the directions for installing these tools from the terminal:

1. From the terminal run:

  apt-get install wireless-tools

2. If not already performed, connect the wireless adapter to your system.

3. Follow Debian's manual on:

  a. installing a network manager

  b. setting up wireless from the command line

Drivers for Unsupported Operating Systems

Drivers for XP/Vista/Win7: