Penguin Wee 4th Gen Support Documentation

Screen tear in mplayer, VLC, etc & how to fix (Ubuntu specific)

In the Compiz settings manager, under composite is a window called "Undirect rematch". This contains a bunch of "class exceptions" that name all the above media players, with the notable exception of XBMC. Delete the entry for mplayer, or delete all of them. This should fix the tearing.

CentOS 6.5 : Installing the network card drivers

1. Insert a natively supported 6.5 USB wifi adapter or other USB ethernet

2. Run the following commands

chkconfig NetworkManager on
touch /etc/sysconfig/network
service NetworkManager start

3. From the network applet select your access point and connect

4. Add the elrepo repository and install the atheros 8187 ethernet driver

yum install yum-plugin-fastestmirror
rpm --import
rpm -Uvh
yum install kmod-alx
modprobe alx