Powered by Mageia Aluminium Case Badge

Powered by Mageia Aluminium Case Badge
Show your support for free software with a high quality aluminum case badge!

  • Aluminum base

  • Secure adhesive

  • 1.175 x 0.75 in / 3.175 x 1.9 cm

  • We ship world-wide

  • Free shipping within the US and inexpensive shipping internationally

For large quantity orders contact support for a quote.

If purchasing more than one use the multiple quantity discount to select your quantity. This will result in lower shipping charges for non-US orders. If you are interested in a large order (1000+) please contact us for significant discounts.

Replace the Microsoft logo on your keyboard with Tux. Made of high quality vinyl it overlays the MS logo on most keyboards. Its dimensions are 11.938 mm (.47" Circle). See picture