Sending goods for repair outside of Canada (applicable to Canadian residents)

Sending the goods for repair to ThinkPenguin

1. You will need to fill out a customs form at the post office when you send the item back to ThinkPenguin for repair. The post office should be able to tell you which customs form you need to fill out. It will ask for the value of the item and what it is your sending. Make sure you put the original amount paid for the goods. Then just make sure you keep copies of the paperwork (customs paperwork) and post office receipt for the tax refund.

The correct form to fill out for a tax refund upon return is here:

However this will not normally be the correct/necessary paperwork as it is what you would use if we were to send the goods back via UPS, DHL, or another private carrier. The post office will attach the appropriate paperwork upon return for the tax refund.

Before sending it back we suggest just making a quick call the Border Information Service at 1-800-461-9999 to confirm the process is current and correct. Make sure to say the "[laptop or desktop] is going out of the country for repair under a manufacturer warranty".

The goods being returned to the customer after the repair from ThinkPenguin

2. When we (ThinkPenguin) return goods to customer after a repair has been made:

We normally use the postal system to return repaired goods to customers. As a result when the goods are returned Canada post will attach the necessary paperwork for a tax refund to the package itself.