Set of 7dBi Antennas w/ Magnetic Bases (TPE-MAGAT2)

Set of 7dBi Antennas w/ Magnetic Bases (TPE-MAGAT2)
Is your computer, router, or similar device hidden and out of sight? Do you need an antenna that can be placed at a bit of a distance from your wifi card or router? Get our 7dBi antennas which come with a magnetic base for mounting just about anywhere. With 10 ft of cable you can place your antennas in the optimal location for the best possible reception. The antennas are compatible with most wireless routers and wifi cards on the market that ship with RP-SMA style connectors. These antennas are compatible with every 802.11 wireless product in the penguin catalog.

  • Cable: RP-SMA male (connects to most wifi cards and routers with RP-SMA female connector)

  • Antenna connection on base: RP-SMA female (includes RP-SMA male 7dBi antennas to connect to base)

  • Cable Type: RG174 coaxial cable

  • Cable length: about 10 ft

  • Color: Black