Setup Directions For Using The USB 4G Modem With A Mini Router

Important: Read This Before Use

Your router has been configured to work with a SIM card from a particular provider as you have purchased a SIM card, router, and modem together. Therefore no settings on the router need to be adjusted to make it work. However you will need to purchase service and activate the Verizon SIM card via the directions provided before hooking everything up.

To activate the AT&T SIM card follow the directions in the URL below steps 1-2:

To activate a Verizon SIM card you will need the IMEI # of the modem that comes on a card with the modem and the 20 digit # on your SIM card itself. The first step to setting up the modem on your system is to visit Verizon's web site and follow the online activation process:

Please note it may take a few hours before the SIM card is fully activated even after Verizon indicated the card has been activated.

To activate the Three SIM card follow the directions steps 6-12 in the URL below:

We would suggest watching the setup demonstration video for this configuration and combination of products at:

Please note: The white cable included with the router provides power only and can only be utilized to power the router. You can utilize either the optional High Quality Nylon 3FT Micro USB Cable To USB-A (107545) cable or the black USB-A cable included with the USB 4G modem to connect the modem to the router.

If you want to switch to a different cellular provider log into the router at and under Network > Interfaces click the Edit button next to WWAN0. Here you can change the APN and other cellular provider info to switch between AT&T, Verizon, and other providers. If you do this don't forget to switch your SIM card after updating the APN and reboot the router/modem.

If you ever need to setup the router from scratch (such as after a reset or firmware upgrade) to work with the USB 4G modem there are directions at the URL below:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact support with a description of the product(s) you purchased and are using together along with a description of the problem your encountering.

The directions to setup the router to work with our USB 4G modem product are intended primarily for more advanced users. As this is a complex product and changes can potentially result in issues that would be difficult to assist with remotely we recommend avoiding making any unnecessary configuration changes that could result in a reset and need for these directions. At most we recommend setting a new router login password and password for the wireless access point. If you decide to make changes beyond this it may introduce problems that we are unable to easily resolve. If you decide that it is necessary to perform a firmware upgrade on the router for instance feel free to attempt it, but be aware we may need to have the router in hand to return the router to a shipping state or some upgraded variation of it.