Slint USB Flash Drive Installation Media (TPE-SLNTFLSDV)

Slint USB Flash Drive Installation Media (TPE-SLNTFLSDV)
Slint is an easy-to-use versatile distribution that leads the way in properly supporting users who are blind. While many distributions include assistive technologies it's rarely if ever a priority that each new release works flawlessly or at all for users who are blind. For Slint bugs pertaining to assistive technologies are show stoppers, not just an afterthought on some public relation's checklist or done for compliance reasons to get some government contract. Slint not only includes the typical assistive technologies on the desktop, but also includes kernel modules to ensure users who are visually impaired can install the distribution themselves. At least for users who are relatively confident in their technical abilities. The distribution also includes an amazing set of documentation on using the included assistive technologies.
  • Slint is a stable distribution based on Slackware with accessibility software that is regularly updated.

  • Slint includes the MATÉ and LXQt desktop environments and has XFCE available on demand.

  • Slint can be used in console and graphical modes and can be switched between these modes without restarting.

  • Easy-to-use tools facilitate system administration and updates are fully automatic, under user control.

  • By default, a compressed swap space in RAM allows doubling the usable memory.

  • If installed on USB media Slint is portable from one computer to another. The media can be fully encrypted too.

  • Slint can be installed on any 64-bit machine with at least 2G of memory, and 50G disk space, without secure boot.

Please note: This product offering is made available without support, but if such support is desired it can be purchased separately.