Switching to a different mullvad WireGuard server (TPE-R1200 Mini VPN Wireless Router)

These directions should probably continue working, but were last tested with a libreCMC 1.5.3 release.

1. Open a browser and visit the following IP: (or whatever you have your mini VPN wireless router setup as)
* You may need to add a security exception the first time you login
2. Login. For the first time the default password to login is ‘none’ not including the quotes.
3. Go to Network > Interfaces
4. Click the Edit button next to the WIREGUARD network
5. Enter the PrivateKey from one of the .conf files in the Private Key box. To obtain a new .conf file log into mullvad.net with your account info and download a Linux configuration.
6. In the IP Addresses box enter the Address from the conf file (example: and then click the + button to add the IP
7. Click the Add button under the Peers section and do the same for the Public Key in the Peers section
8. In the Peers section do the same for Allowed IPs
9. Copy the Endpoint = ip address (example: into the Endpoint Host box
10. Copy the Endpoint = port into the Endpoint Port box (everything that comes after the : on the Endpoint = line)
11. Click Save & Apply button
12. Go to System > Reboot and click the Perform reboot button

After a few minutes the router should be up and running and connected to a different mullvad VPN server in a different country.

Note: Make sure you have an ethernet cable connected from your WAN port to an upstream router or modem that is connected to the internet. Also make sure you are connected to the mini VPN wireless router via an ethernet cable or over wireless.