Switching to a different PenguinVPN Server

(these are not directions to switch VPN service providers, but are to switch to a different PenguinVPN server in another country)

1. Open up Firefox (or another browser, note: some browsers may not work due to issues with self signed certificates) and go to (unless you have changed the routers IP, in which case enter whatever the IP is of your mini VPN router router). If you

2. The default user name is ‘root’ and the default password is ‘none’ (there is no password set in some cases, if that is the case for you just hit login)

3. Go to System > Backup / Flash Firmware

4. Under Backup / Restore : Download Backup: Click Generate Archive

5. Save the file somewhere that you know you can find it, like your home folder or desktop

6. The default name for the file is something like backup-libreCMC-2017-04-06.tar.gz

7. Open the backup-libreCMC-2017-04-06.tar.gz archive and browse to etc/config

8. Open the openvpn file in a text editor

9. Find the line that looks like the follow:

option config /etc/openvpn/some-country-TCP.ovpn

10. Take note of the part that says some-country-TCP.ovpn as we will need it later.

11. Close out of the text editor

12. Go back to the archive and browse to etc/openvpn

13. Open the file noted above in a text editor (ie some-country-TCP.ovpn)

14. Find the line that looks like this:

remote bahamas.penguinvpn.com 80

You will need to change this to the country you are interested in passing your traffic through. Previously we had servers in three countries: usny.penguinvpn.com bahamas.penguinvpn.com and germany.penguinvpn.com . The bahamas.penguinvpn.com is no longer set to the bahamas however and rotates amongst countries connecting to servers with the least congestion.

15. Save and exit

16. You should be asked by the archive software if you would like to save the changes, click update so they get saved

17. Go back to the browser and select Browse under where it says Backup / Restore : Restore Backup

18. Find the backup-libreCMC-2017-04-06.tar.gz file and click Open

19. Click Upload Archive… button

20. Give it 20 seconds and unplug the power cable from the mini VPN router, then plug it back in, after two minutes you should be connected to a new VPN server in another country