Touchpad Problems (touchpad doesn't work & accidental clicks)

Touchpad doesn't work

There are two ways to turn the touchpad off on most machines. One is in the BIOS and one is using the FN + touchpad on/off key (one of the F1-F12 keys). Contact support for documentation on a specific model or look for the symbols on your keyboard. Holding down the FN key while simultaneously hitting the touchpad key will enable or disable the touchpad. To get into your BIOS you'll need to figure out which F1-F12 key to press. Sometimes this information is shown on screen when your system is first turned on, but in either event you'll need to press the correct key to get into your BIOS (simply trying each key will generally work too, a few reboots may be required though to get it).

The touchpad works, but I'm constantly clicking things by accident

Modern touchpads have something called multi touch and are generally more off center than traditional laptops. This has caused many people much frustration. Fortunatley there are a number of ways to deal with this or minimized the impacts.

One solution is to simply get a physical mouse and turn off the touchpad.

Another solution is to disable the touchpad while typing.

A third solution is to change some settings using the terminal based utility synclient:

`synclient PalmDetect=1` and

`synclient PalmMinZ=5`

If you need assistance please contact support. Please make sure you provide us your model or invoice number so we can more easily assist you.