The Unofficial Guide to Open Broadcaster Software: Livestreaming With OBS (TPE-OBSBKPAU)

The Unofficial Guide to Open Broadcaster Software: Livestreaming With OBS (TPE-OBSBKPAU)
Get up to speed with the latest in free software live streaming using The Unofficial Guide to Open Broadcaster Software. Open Broadcaster or OBS for short is the world's most widely used video production software. If you've ever wanted to create a video podcast or produce an unboxing video this a must have guide. This book has been developed for "non-techie" users and guides readers through all of the most important video production features.
  • Covers the most popular live-streaming app in the world and various services to stream to

  • Up-to-date: The book covers recent releases of OBS

  • Easy-to-use: Well written and easy to follow

  • Covers live streaming and the recording of professional videos: Record presentations, screen sessions, eSports, and much more
Please Note: The OSB training course previously included is no longer

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