Upgrading nand and nor firmware(s) on the TPE-R1200 router

Note: These directions apply to upgrading to releases prior to libreCMC 1.5. To upgrade to libreCMC 1.5 see our new documentation.

Directions on Flashing the TPE-R1200 the easy way:

1. Hold the reset button down and while holding it down connect the power to the router and wait for 7 seconds/lights and then let go. This will boot the router in a special recovery mode.
2. Connect an ethernet cable from your computer to the LAN port on the router
3. Set and apply your computer's ethernet port network configuration to the following:

IP address:

Note: You may need to change the MTU as well to 900 if holding the reset button down for 7 seconds does not result in being able to access

3. Open a browser and go to
4. You will see options to flash nor and nand images. Make sure you select the right images for each. Start with flashing the nor image (note: you probably don't want to flash the 1.4.9 nor image, but rather 1.5) and then flash the nand image (as 1.5 does not support nand you will want to flash 1.4.9).

Note: Download the latest ISO (no later than 1.4.9 though) file for the TPE-R1200 and mount it, extract the files you need, or burn it to a DVD.


Example: Click librecmc_tpe-r1200_v149_src.iso to download the ISO image for the TPE-R1200

Open the BIN folder to find the librecmc-ar71xx-generic-tpe-r1200-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin (NOR image) and librecmc-ar71xx-nand-tpe-r1200-ubi-factory.img (NAND image)

5. After 10-15 seconds after hitting the button to flash nor pull the power.
6. Plug the power back in and see step 1. Repeat starting with step 1-5, but with the nand image (if applicable).
7. Set your computers info back to DHCP.
8. Power the router on and it should boot up normally.

Other information:

On the TPE-R1200 there are TWO "drives" so to speak from which the router can boot from. If you want to boot from the other "drive" the directions to do that are as follows:

1. Open a terminal on your computer
2. Enter into the terminal "ssh root@" and hit enter (do so without the quotes)
3. Enter your routers login password (by default this is "none", again without the quotes)
4. There are two commands you need to know to switch between booting from the nand and nor firmwares. fw_printenv will show you the environment variables. "fw_setenv bootcount 0" (without the quotes) will switch to the other firmware. To switch back repeat steps 1-3 and then do "fw_setenv bootcount 4" (without the quotes).