Writing Blu-ray Discs In Linux Mint 20 & Ubuntu 20.04 Tutorial

You might be wondering how to get the best results out of your new blu-ray writer. While you can blu-ray discs using k3b installed from Linux Mint's Software Manager and/or Ubuntu's Software Center there is another option that can improve results and may even enable you to squeeze a little extra out of your blu-ray discs. You can also download our manual version of this documentation.

To get the best results we're going to add a ppa and install or update a few programs. In our tests burn time was cut in about half for a 25GB blu-ray disc (45 minutes down to 16-20 depending on the model).

1. Open a terminal and run the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:brandonsnider/cdrtools
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install k3b cdda2wav cdrecord mkisofs smake
sudo reboot

2. After installation, open K3b, insert Blu-ray media in your burner. Then from the menu, go to settings > Configure K3b > Advanced. Make sure that Advanced GUI elements is checked.

3. Then under Programs make sure cdrecord is listed and selected.

4. When you go to burn a disc also make sure to select cdrecord as writing medium.

You should now get better performance when writing blu-ray discs.


If you are using our larger USB Blu-ray writer with an Asus branded drive on the front make sure that after clicking the burn button:

1. You select Writing app: cdrecord

2. Under the Misc tab: select No Multisession under Multisession Mode

3. The USB Blu-ray writer requires external power so make sure to connect its power adapter that was included with the drive

4. Make sure the computer is connected to the drive via a USB 3.0 cable and to a USB 3.0 port (usually indicated by a blue USB port)

5. You don't exceed the discs capacity - the remaining space indicated by k3b may be less than perfectly accurate. Avoid going over 22GB for a 25GB disc for optimal results. If mkisofs crashes there is a good chance you have exceeded the approximately 22,000 MB actually available on most 25GB blu-ray discs.