PenguinVPN Setup Instructions for LibreCMC (TPE-R1100 & TPE-R1200)

This set of instructions is applicable to users who have reset a LibreCMC router that had PenguinVPN service setup or who wish to purchase PenguinVPN service for a LibreCMC router and need to set it up for the first time (the assumes a TPE-R1100 or TPE-R1200 but the general directions mostly apply to any router with LibreCMC and the correct OpenVPN packages installed). These directions are NOT applicable to versions of libreCMC greater than 1.4.9. For libreCMC 1.5 onward see our new directions for 1.5+

0. If you haven't got a PenguinVPN account step one is to sign up by contacting sales and requesting an invoice. We have three subscription options:

1 Month PenguinVPN Subscription: $14.95 USD
6 Month PenguinVPN Subscription: $44.85 USD (Save 50% over monthly)
1 Year PenguinVPN Subscription: $78.60 USD (Save 56% over monthly)

1. Create a folder in your home directory named librecmc-openvpn-setup and download the default PenguinVPN configuration for TPE-R1100 or default PenguinVPN configuration for the TPE-R1200 depending on which model router you have. Alternatively for the TPE-R1100 there is an alternative server configuration.
2. Open the archive (the .tar.gz file) in an archive manager
3. Go to the etc/openvpn directory and open the key.txt file (in a text editor)

If you have reset your TPE-R1100 or TPE-R1200 router then you'll need to locate the user name and password for your VPN account. This is included in the directions that shipped with your router.

They will look something like this:


Enter your version of this as visible in the example above into the key.txt file and hit save and exit the text editor.

You will be prompted by the archive manager to update the tar.gz file. Do so.

4. Connect an ethernet cable from the LAN port of the mini VPN router to the ethernet port on your computer
5. On your computer disconnect from the wifi (if you are connected to an access point)
6. On your computer open a web browser and enter into the address bar. Then hit enter.
7. Accept the security warning and continue anyway
8. Click the Login button (you may need to enter 'root' for the user name and 'none' as the password)
9. Go to System > Backup / Flash Firmware
10. Click Browse button under the Backup / Restore section
11. Select the .tar.gz file in librecmc-openvpn-setup folder and click the Upload Archive button. To ensure everything works properly after applying these settings disconnect the power from the router for 60 seconds.

You now have a configuration that matches our shipping configuration and the router is as we ship them if you were to have purchased VPN service with the router (ie when VPN service is purchased from us our routers ship pre-configured to work out of the box).

At this point you'll want to download our intro packet and go to page 2. Here we have pictorial directions for how to physically connect your router to a modem or 'main router' and explain how to set a password for the wireless connection as well as check to make sure you are in fact connected through our PenguinVPN service.