Free Software Wireless-N Mini VPN Router v3 (TPE-R1300)

Free Software Wireless-N Mini VPN Router v3 (TPE-R1300)

Are you looking for a router with a bit more power? Introducing the 3rd generation of 100% free software wireless mini routers with Respect Your Freedom certification. The router ships with the most up-to-date free embedded GNU/Linux distribution: LibreCMC.

LibreCMC was built from the Linux-libre kernel and a stripped down version of OpenWRT without any of the non-free bits. LibreCMC is the leading free software distribution designed for routers and other embedded devices available today.

Besides being freedom-friendly we've added support for running WireGuard and OpenVPN making it easy and convenient to get a base line of protection for your privacy as well as route around local censorship. Just pick up a subscription to our optional VPN service and we'll ship the router configured to work out of the box with our privacy respecting PenguinVPN service. With our mini VPN router it's easy to utilize our PenguinVPN service with any device regardless of operating system: Simply connect the router to a modem or upstream routing device and select the "libreCMC-VPN" access point.

While we've geared this router to be a simple solution to connect all your devices to a privacy friendly VPN service there are many other potential use cases including simply utilizing the router like any other router designed for the home (this is the default configuration if a VPN subscription is not selected). You can connect the router to most cable, DSL, fiber, and even select USB cellular modems.

When combined with a privacy friendly VPN service provider you can expect much more:

  • Now with support for OpenVPN & WireGuard (via a handful of providers that support it properly such as Mullvad, AirVPN, OVPN and njalla)!

  • Protect yourself from TunnelVision / DHCP option 121 attacks: Stop rogue ISPs from rerouting and compromising the privacy of your VPN connections

  • Prevent ISP surveillance: Many ISPs log access to websites, emails, and other communications

  • Bypass Website Blocking and Censorship: Many ISPs have begun blocking traffic to perfectly legal websites

  • Thwart ISP Throttling: Many ISPs slow down certain types of traffic when it benefits them financially to do so

  • Stop VOIP Blocking: Many ISPs offer phone services and don't like competition from third party services

  • Stop video throttling: Many ISPs offer entertainment services and take steps to make third party services unusable

  • Stop the threats: Many companies abuse the courts to obtain ISP contact information for harassing and threatening purposes

  • Easily switch between VPN and non-VPN access points via a two-router setup: see our demonstration video

  • Stop privacy invasive targeted advertising: Advertisers often use IP and geo-location data to target advertising

  • This router can be configured for lots of different uses like bridging a hard wired computer to a wireless network or acting as a wireless relay.

  • This router can be configured to act as a relay where the traffic is encrypted by the mini router using Wireguard and then relayed through another access point (this works well for users of Verizon Jetpacks, people connecting through internet connections of family and friends, etc)

  • Lookig to do more with your router? libreCMC includes a repository of software you can install and we even have directions on expanding storage via USB

  • Interested in a PenguinVPN subscription with your router and want to better understand the setup? Check out our diagram or demonstration video

  • Looking to cover a large area or just setup a more resilient wireless network? Check out our mesh networking technology! libreCMC 1.5.14+ now supports mesh! We have pre-configured 3pk & 5pk mesh kits available to make deployment as easy as simply plugging in a few mesh nodes. For those more technically inclined we have also written up directions on how to configure a bunch of mesh nodes and setup a mesh network yourself. There is even a 40 minute video on it.

  • Have young children at home or need to enhance your security? Restrict which websites can be accessed via a DNS filter white list. We now have directions on creating a whitelist of sites/domains and uploading the configuration to your libreCMC router. Any domain name not on your whitelist will be blocked.

  • If you purchase a PenguinVPN subscription you can switch between dozens of different servers and countries following our directions here.

For those without a technical aptitude we recommend purchasing VPN service with the router. For those with a technical mindset we have detailed directions for a number of different VPN providers including: PenguinVPN (ThinkPenguin, now supported on libreCMC 1.5+ with OpenVPN), Mullvad (supported on libreCMC 1.5.13+ with WireGuard), OVPN (supported on libreCMC 1.5.2+ with WireGuard), njalla (supported on libreCMC 1.5.8+ with WireGuard), Private Internet Access (now supported on libreCMC 1.5+ with OpenVPN), ProtonVPN (now supported on libreCMC 1.5+ with OpenVPN), AirVPN, IPredator, NordVPN (now supported on libreCMC 1.5+ with OpenVPN), PureVPN, and HideMyAss (help us improve our documentation by telling us your favorite VPN provider).

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(* large quantities may take longer to deliver)
Category Specification
CPU Qualcomm QCA9531 SoC, 650MHz CPU
16MB Nor flash
Interface 1Wan, 1LAN, 1USB2.0, 1 MicroUSB, UART, reset button
LED 1st LED is power and system (solid green when booted); 3rd LED is red and for wifi; the 2nd LED is programmable
WAN/LAN 10/100Mbps
WLAN 802.11b/g/n
Buttons Reset & On/Off Switch (not programmed by default to do anything)
Antenna External, 2dBi is the default antenna option
USB 1x 2.0 port
Power Supply 5V 1A (power consumtion < 2W)
Size 58x58x25mm
Weight 39g
Max Tx Power 20dBm
Certification CE, RoHS, FCC
Compatible with All systems with a modern standards compliant browser

Have questions?
E-mail support or call us at: 1-888-39-THINK (84465)

Don't have a VPN provider yet? Subscribe to PenguinVPN and we'll pre-configure the device to work “out of the box”. Our default configuration protects against TunnelVision / DHCP option 121 attacks where a rogue ISP may attempt to hijack your VPN.

Included is a typical short and inexpensive micro USB cable, but not all cables are equal. Getting a higher quality longer cable can reduce issues, but may even be necessary when a router it utilized with an external USB device like a 4G or 5G modem.

Different regions have different power standards and plugs. Select the one appropriate to your region. To use the USB port you will need more power than the stock adapter can provide. Upgraded power adapter options are available from us for some regions.

Is your system in a hard to reach location? Don't let a desk or other barrier hinder your signal. Upgrade to our 5dBi antennas or better yet our 7dBi omni directional WiFi booster antenna w/ extension cable and place your antennas in the optimal spot.

Connecting multiple PCs? Get our 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch. See our example diagram on connecting a switch to one of our routers (there is nothing to install or configure, just connect and go).

Have you ever thought about the quality of your ethernet cables? Often devices ship with lower quality cables and this can lead to connectivity problems down the road. Consider an upgrade and save yourself the trouble of diagnosing connectivity issues.

Concerned about your security? Want to help us improve libreCMC? With a serial cable you'll gain complete control over your router. Not only will you be able to flash the core software, but the bootloader as well. (Note: NOT compatible with non-free OSs)

Never brick your router again. With this SOIC-clip, jumper wires, and the appropriate hardware you can flash an otherwise bricked router. Perfect for anybody looking to develop for LibreCMC.

Get inexpensive hassle-free repair, replacement, and support for your device. Whether it's been damaged or you just can't figure out why it's not working we'll be here to help. Purchase up to 3 years of total support and protection.

In order to connect to a wireless network in GNU/Linux, you need a compatible wifi adapter. Many adapters aren't well supported- or supported at all. If you have an adapter that lacks native support, you may want to pick one up one of our adapters.

Protect your investment with a surge protector or uninterruptible power supply. When power is interrupted, or fluctuates outside safe levels, a UPS instantly provides clean battery backup power and surge protection for plugged-in, sensitive equipment.